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Global Oud

Musk Jamid

Musk Jamid

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Solid perfume, Musk Jamid by Global Oud. Using fragrance in bar form is a centuries-old tradition in oriental perfumery.

Perfume Musk Jamid by Global Oud is a soft musk fragrance with cinnamon and vanilla.

Solid perfume, also known as Misk Jamid, can be used in various ways.

As a laundry freshener - The perfume stone is placed in the linen cupboard and provides a beautiful fragrance. It is also possible to break through the perfume board to soften the intensity or to fragrance several compartments or drawers.

As direct perfume - With a sharp object or your fingernail, you scrape off some perfume, place it in the palm of your hand and rub the perfume with the thumb of your other hand. The solid perfume dissolves slowly due to the heat, and you rub your hands over your skin, neck, hair etc...

As an ingredient in perfume oil - The perfume board is pulverised. Add the perfumed powder to an odourless perfume oil. Suitable oils are, for example, almond oil, sesame oil or jojoba oil. The mixing ratio of oil to powder determines the intensity.

As incense - Break off the required amount of perfume and crumble the piece. Mix the perfume crumbs with incense or bakhour and smoke as usual.

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