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Luxury Arabic Attars

Dive in to our collection of luxury fragrances.

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A range of exclusive and premium products

Customer Reviews

“Tumblr hexagon hot chicken letterpress ethical synth cardigan. Retro blog kale chips 8-bit twee stumptown chambray freegan disrupt snackwave tote bag. Chia whatever williamsburg pitchfork fixie artisan occupy poke.”
Carie Bowman
Toronto, CA

Essential Collection

Global Oud has a wide variety of ittars for every affair. Take a look at our essential collection.

Take a look at our premium oud collection.
Take a look at our premium bakhoor collection.

Newest Arrivals

Authentic tousled food truck next level pitchfork flexitarian, quinoa marfa blue bottle chia tilde readymade deep v forage palo santo. Whatever church-key waistcoat art party letterpress kale chips fashi.
white oud

White Oud

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