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Global Oud

Ghilaf e kaaba

Ghilaf e kaaba

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Step into a realm of sacred reverence with Ghilaf e Kaaba, a fragrance that embodies the sanctity and majesty of the holy Kaaba.

  • Sacred Aura: Envelop yourself in the sacred aura of Ghilaf e Kaaba, where each spritz transports you to the hallowed grounds of the holiest site in Islam.
  • Divine Opening: Experience the divine opening of this fragrance as celestial notes of frankincense and myrrh intertwine, evoking a sense of divine presence.
  • Pure Elegance: Embrace the pure elegance of Ghilaf e Kaaba as delicate whispers of white musk and oud embrace you in their gentle embrace, reminiscent of a peaceful pilgrimage.
  • Celestial Harmony: Inhale the celestial harmony of this fragrance, where the ethereal blend of amber and sandalwood uplifts your spirits and elevates your soul to heavenly heights.

Immerse yourself in the sacred reverence of Ghilaf e Kaaba from Global Oud, a fragrance that captures the essence of devotion and sanctity in every drop.

Top Notes: Amber
Middle Notes: Wood
Base Notes: Oud

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