About Us

Global Oud Perfumes has been a front-runner in perfumery since 1970. We do what we love and so we always explore the changing trends to consistently cater for the tastes of our discerning customers. Global Oud has successfully struck a chord with a growing number of perfume lovers all over the world.

Ever since the first bottle was released in the summer of 1970, Global Oud Perfumes has steadily grown in stature putting together a fragrant network of spectacular showrooms all over the UAE, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and the USA, and winning accolades, appreciation, and hearts along the way.

Our Vision

Global Oud aims to be a world leader in fine perfumery, always anticipating and meeting the tastes and preferences of our discerning customers and bringing them serenity through the medium of fragrance.

Our Heritage

Our story began with passion in 1970 by Kazi Abdul Haque. Back then, we were a trader of Agarwood, Dehnal Oud, and other precious perfume ingredients with a single store in Mecca right outside Al-Haram Mosque.

And today we are privileged to welcome hundreds and thousands of perfume lovers to our locations all over the world.

Our Stores

Our stores are a welcome place for perfume novices and connoisseurs alike, who want to learn more about perfumes and the ingredients that go in them.

The contemporary arabic motifs in our spacious stores welcomes customers of all nationalities. Global Oud Perfumes distributes its products through its network of exclusive

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Our Perfumists

Our finest perfumes are grown, selected and served by the finest people. We call our salespeople perfumists since they are committed to perfume knowledge, product expertise and customer service. Our perfumists are the essence of the Global Oud experience.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.